Convenience store clerk’s quick thinking protects baby when mother suffers seizure

A Colorado convenience store clerk reacted swiftly to protect a baby when she realized there was something wrong with the infant’s mother.

Rebecca Montano was ringing up a purchase for the young mother, who was holding her baby while checking out at the Arvada store on Sunday, when she noticed the woman beginning to sway.

“I look at the mom and she has a blank stare and something in me said something wasn’t right,” Montano told InsideEdition, according to Yahoo News.

Thinking quickly, Montano reached out to scoop up the baby as the mother, apparently suffering a seizure, fell to the ground.

“She started to sway so I grabbed the baby’s arms,” said Montano, who added that the mother “was lost in space. I said, ‘I gotta take this baby,’ and took the baby out of her arms. When I did that she started to fall.”

Surveillance footage from the store’s camera captured the scene, showing another customer arriving and helping the situation while Montano called 911.

“It was scary, it upset me terribly,” Montano said. “Every time I watch the clip I shake because I don’t like it. It brings tears to my eyes.”

The mother, who is in her early twenties, returned to the store Wednesday and told Montano that she has suffered from seizures since she was young.

“She came back yesterday afternoon … to tell me thank you for saving her baby,” Montano said. “Now I feel better because I know the girl is OK.”

See surveillance footage in the video below.


Frieda Powers


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