Looking ahead toward brokered vs open convention – hold on to your hats!

Sen. Ted Cruz said that if the Republican party uses a brokered convention to deny either him or Donald Trump the GOP presidential nomination, there will be a revolt within the party.

Both he and Trump are considered “outsiders.”

Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary under George W. Bush, agrees — to a point.

“He’s right if that were to happen on the second ballot or even a third ballot,” he told Gretchen Carlson on Fox News Channel’s “The Real Story.”

“You can’t bring in an outsider on the first couple. But if there’s mayhem and deadlock, it could happen,” he added.

Carlson opined that if it were to happen, it would be like throwing a match on gasoline.

“The whole idea behind why people like Cruz and Trump is that they are the outsiders,” she said.

Fleischer answered that the simple solution is for the candidates to amass a majority of delegates.

“If no one can get a majority going into Cleveland, then you’ll have to have a floor fight to see who can assemble a majority,” he said.

“But if they can’t and it deadlocks forever, then naturally people are going to say ‘is there somebody new we should bring in.’” He noted that no one candidate has been able to get a 50 percent vote, “even in any one state.”

He said that we’ll get a better handle on things after March 15, when six states will be voting — especially noteworthy Florida and Ohio.

Fleischer added that there’s a difference between a brokered and an open convention.

“A brokered is when the powers that be come down and tell the delegates who to vote for. That will never happen,” he said.

“Open is that we don’t have 50 percent, and so the candidates have to wage a fight among themselves to convince people on a second or third ballot to switch their camp.”


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