Watch Megyn Kelly react to Trump shout-out during victory speech

In his victory speech following primary wins on Tuesday, Donald Trump thanked his supporters and had a special shout out to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Charles Krauthammer.

The Republican front-runner, who won in Michigan and Mississippi, noted that the original GOP candidate field of 17 had been reduced to four.

“Every single person that has attacked me has gone down,” Trump said, adding that the other candidates did not do well in Tuesday’s primaries. “There’s only person who did well tonight – Donald Trump.”

He then thanked the Fox News talent, stating that he was shocked by the positive feedback.

“Even Megyn Kelly said, ‘Boy Donald Trump really did well tonight.’ Thank you, Megyn, thank you!” Trump said. “That was very unusual … I was shocked actually to hear that, but that was very nice.”

The Fox broadcast cut away to Kelly in the studio who was laughing.

“And Charles Krauthammer said that,” Trump went on. “He was very very nice. It’s about time, I’ve been waiting like five years, Charles.”

Watch Trump’s comments as well as Fox hosts Kelly and Bret Baier reacting to the speech via Fox News video clips. 


Frieda Powers


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