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Stop reading that ‘fiction!’ Furious Rubio spox busts CNN on air for shoddy journalism

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Sen. Marco Rubio’s communications director appeared on CNN Monday night and announced that the network’s earlier report that the Florida Republican senator’s campaign staff were advising him to withdraw from the race was “utter nonsense.”

CNN’s claim in its earlier reporting was that Rubio’s advisors were urging him to drop his presidential bid before the March 15 Florida primary to avoid the embarrassment of “getting killed in his home state.”

The moment Rubio’s campaign spokesman Alex Conant heard that, he rushed to CNN to correct the record and blasted the network for running an “absolutely false” story without contacting the campaign for comment.

“CNN is doing a disservice to voters by doing that sort of reporting,” he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, and asked him to “stop reading that sort of fiction on air” when Blitzer continued to press him about the earlier report.

When Blitzer noted that CNN reporter Jamie Gangel must have gotten her information from someone within the Rubio campaign organization, Conant said, “I have not talked to anybody that she spoke to.”

Watch the clip via CNN.

The earlier CNN report was based wholly on unnamed sources within the Rubio camp.

And the timing of the report couldn’t have been worse for Rubio — eight days away from the primary and while early voting is going on.

Later, CNN updated its story and admitted it had based it on a single anonymous source.

But CNN apparently decided to have its comeuppance.

It wasn’t just shoddy journalism by CNN; you can add bully journalism to the mix also.


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