School ‘Diversity Day’ backfires bigtime; enraged parents confront stunned board for answers

Angry parents of Pittsburgh high school students were made even angrier when school officials refused to answer any of their questions regarding a “Diversity Day” event.

“Whoever gave you the idea that saying nothing up here was a good idea,” said one parent, “gave you really bad advice,” scolding board members in an emergency meeting held Friday, according to WPXI-TV.

The parents of Gateway High School students were demanding answers about who sent emails, phone calls and a Facebook post calling for a “Diversity Day” this week after a fight broke out at a local park on Tuesday. The post, which has since been removed, told students to wear Gateway shirts and “Black Lives Matter” shirts, reported WPXI.

Frustrated and in disbelief, parents accused the school of turning a juvenile brawl into a race issue, escalating tensions unnecessarily. Rumors followed the controversial post and email stating that white students wearing black shirts to school on Friday would be targeted, leading to hundreds of students staying home.

“You all made it worse,” a parent condemned the school officials in the heated meeting.

Calling for the removal of the superintendent and assistant superintendent, parents vented their anger to a silent board.

The school board finally admitted they were not aware that the administration had sent out the email and post about the event and were still investigating who was responsible for what they termed a “personnel issue,” WPXI reported. The school officials insisted it was safe for students to return to school on Monday.

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