Video: Huge protests take ugly turn outside GOP debate

A huge gathering of protesters demonstrated outside of Detroit, Michigan’s Fox Theatre, the venue of Thursday’s Republican presidential debate, while the event was in session.

On point, all were making demands.

High on the list was increasing the minimum wage, and the group Fight for $15 made its presence known.

CNN senior reporter Dylan Byers reported:

One person observed:

Byers continued reporting throughout the night during the debate.

As protests often do, the rhetoric took an ugly turn:

This led to a thoughtful observation:

But that was by no means all of the protesters’ demands.

The Michigan chapter of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network was prominently in attendance with a different demand.

“In the midst of the Flint water crisis many feel Republicans in the Senate have been silent on passing a bill to support the rebuilding of the infrastructure of Flint. Activist will gather in front of the Fox Theatre and stage a protest demanding a Republican response from candidates and its party.”


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