Focus group says one candidate came out on top of ‘disappointing’ GOP debate

If the Republican Party thought it was going to get kudos for Thursday night’s presidential debate, it’s sadly mistaken.

Members of pollster Frank Luntz’s focus group called it “disappointing,” “disgusting,” “shameful,” “an embarrassment” and a “schoolyard brawl.”

The evening’s lowest moments were when Sen. Marco Rubio and businessman Donald Trump squabbled.

Luntz reported to Fox News host Megyn Kelly that this was the worst response he’d ever witnessed to a debate.

Although about half the people in the group were Trump supporters, only one person thought he’d won the debate.

So who was the big winner? Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

He was described as “succinct and on point” and “the only adult in the room.”

The evening’s most positive moment was when Kasich talked foreign policy.

Watch the clip via Fox News.


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