Debate watchers transfixed with mystery speck bouncing around Cruz’s mouth

Really, what was that?

When Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate degenerated into an “Animal House” food fight, viewers stopped listening and began taking notice of other things to amuse themselves — like what the heck was that white thing on Sen. Ted Cruz’s lips?

Here’s the footage — do you know what it is?

And when they couldn’t answer it for themselves, they took to social media to ask others. TV Line founder and Editor in Chief Michael Ausiello and Fox News’ own Abby Huntsman got the ball rolling.

They ended up generating yet even more questions and only few answers.

And speaking of “SNL,” the questioning is reminiscent of a “Saturday Night Live” routine when “SNL” was still funny — during the “Nor Ready For Primetime Players” days. It’s actually an extension of a Bill Murray scene in “Caddyshack.”


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