No need for words; Paul Ryan’s colorful reaction to Trump’s ‘threat’

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan took into consideration Donald Trump‘s threat to get along.

Then he “laughed out loud.”

Trump commented Tuesday in a speech that the Republican congressman would have to get along with him if he is elected president, or “he’s going to have to pay a big price.”

Ryan found the comment humorous, as he told reporters Thursday.

“I was sitting in my office watching it live and I just laughed out loud, I think. Sometimes, reality’s stranger than fiction around here these days,” he said.

And while Ryan’s statement that “I don’t really think anything of it” may bruise the GOP front-runner’s ego a bit, as president, he may soon find that he needs the speaker more as an ally than an enemy in Congress.

Ryan said, though he did not know Trump personally, he would “cross those bridges” if the GOP candidate got elected. “I’m a good-natured guy, so I get along with everybody,” he said.

Watch Ryan’s comments in the CSPAN video below.


Social media reaction varied but most were not so favorable to the speaker.


Frieda Powers


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