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ESPN not happy with Curt Shilling’s remark on Hillary: ‘She should be buried’ WHERE?

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Former MLB pitching legend and current ESPN baseball color analyst Curt Schilling eviscerated Hillary Clinton Tuesday during his telephone interview on the Kansas City radio show “The Drive.”

He said that the government has let the American people down in recent years (at about 30 minutes into the interview), and he wants to see “somebody to sit in the Oval Office again that I trust.”

Apparently, neither Donald Trump nor Clinton fit the bill; although he found the billionaire businessman distasteful, he saved his harshest criticism for Clinton.

When asked about the former secretary of state, Schilling observed that “If she’s allowed to get to the general election before she’s in prison, I’ll be stunned and upset.”

He added that he hopes she does go to prison.

“If I’m gonna believe, and I don’t have any reason not to believe, that she gave classified information on hundreds if not thousands of emails on a public server after what happened to General Petraeus, she should buried under a jail somewhere.”

He added at the end of the interview that he “would probably get fired” for his remarks.

ESPN would only tell CNN Wednesday, “We are addressing it.”

Listen to the full interview here.


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