Battle rages over whether or not Trump’s response to Romney is as vulgar as it sounds

Donald Trump responded to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s attack on the Republican presidential front-runner. But if you thought it would be a thoughtful, scholarly discussion of the issues, you don’t know Trump.

Romney called it earlier.

Fox News tweeted the clip.

Reaction was swift — some pro, but many con.

Still, Trump had his supporters, who said that the candidate meant it as a vassal kneeling before his lord.

Trump does this often: He’ll make a statement that can be taken more than one way. In this case, everyone thinks the obvious, vulgar meaning, and when he’s criticized for it, he can go back and say “that’s not what I meant! I would never say such a thing.”

But whatever meaning you want to ascribe to his words, it’s still a personal attack.


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