Where the candidates stand after Super Tuesday, simplified


Super Tues

Photo: CNN Last update 4:05 AM, March 2

If you’re looking for the short version of what happened on Super Tuesday, here’s what you need to know:

Donald Trump won in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Massachusetts, Virginia, Arkansas and Vermont.

Cruz carried his home state of  Texas, scored a win in Oklahoma and Alaska. He’ll add those wins to last month’s Iowa victory.

Marco Rubio was almost declared the biggest loser by every pundit in America before he hit a Minnesota win.

Ben Carson and John Kasich have predictably become irrelevant, but both have promised to stay in the race.

And, no big surprise, Hillary mopped the floor with Bernie Sanders.

The fallout is complicated. Each campaign is spinning the situation to suit them.

Check out Fox News’ simplified election chart here for more details.



120 thoughts on “Where the candidates stand after Super Tuesday, simplified

  1. Anon says:

    Can someone PLEASE help me to understand what this means??? Does kILLERY SEEM TO BE A THREAT TO tRUMP ( Illegally or NOT) she seems to have a better score than TRUMP and that is what has been scaring me all along these dirty NO-GOOD-FOR-NOTHING PC- LEFTTY-LIBTARDS are reaching deep into their bag of BS that got that FILTHY MUSLIME TRAITOR- IMAN OBOZO to 7 years of DESTROYING THIS ONCE GREAT COUNTRY( THE USA) and it seems this nasty foul lying skanky BEOTCH KILLERY is on her way to 7 years as PRESIDENT to finish off THE USA, and turn herself into a new BILLIONAIRE and sell out the United States of America. As UNTHINKABLE AS IT SEEMS she seems to be pulling it off. IF TRUMP does not take this EVIL LYING WASTE OF DYKE SKIN, down for the count and put the FUGLY BEOTCH BEHIND BARS were she belongs, IT WILL MOST DEFINITELY MEAN THE END OF THIS ONCE GREAT COUNTRY, which has turned into a laughing stock of the WORLD with OBOZO at the helm as our (MUSLIME in CHIEF) and his NASTY wife MOOOSHELLE and their 2 gross kids, jet setting around the World, looking for Baby Daddys for those 2 homely Oboninations they created, What a sick PC, LEFTY, LIBTARD World they created in the past 7 years with IMAN OBOMA at the helm. ……..SO back to the original question, does it seem that KILLERY is actually going to beat TRUMP for President??? She has been cleaning up with better #s, I pray to GOD Im reading something wrong, please help me understand what is going on fellow TRUMP for PRESIDENT FRIENDS???

  2. Anon says:

    You can not deny things were better when the MOB had the power to make or break scum like Killery, OUR World has become so PC, Leftist, and Fiberalized it drives me crazy, this CHIT just did not happen when the MOB was at their peak of power, Killery and OBOZO would be nothing but buried blips on a screen that NO ONE WOuld even remember……WTH? ITS time for us TAXPAYING AMERICANS STAND UNITED and rid ourselves of the likes of these MUSLIME ENDORSING SCUM Oboma and KILLERY KLINTON!!!!! FTW!

  3. Sarah417 says:

    Cruz didn’t take Oklahoma since OK has a closed primary. Independents and Democrats cannot vote. Only registered Republicans. So you can take it to the bank that Trump would have taken OK if Ind. and Dems. could vote. Dems are crossing over in a NY minute. You go Trump 2016.

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