Obama had time for this, didn’t he? Fans call celeb US president ‘cool, laid back, black and beautiful’

Despite a promise earlier in the evening that he wouldn’t do it, President “I’ll do whatever I want and to hell with protocol” Obama led a gathering in a sing-a-long last week during a Ray Charles tribute.

Just like his promise about no more selfies — the guy just can’t help himself.

He had time for this but never seems to have time for things like national security briefings, meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or paying respects at the funeral of the longest sitting justice of the Supreme Court.

Obama promised he wouldn’t use the microphone for anything except singing, ABC News reported, but when the Ray Charles classic “What’d I Say” began, he did it anyway. The White House tweeted:

The president’s fans thought it was wonderful — but they were soon yanked back to reality by those with clearer heads and lacking rose-colored glasses.

One person offered Obama a suggestion — using another Ray Charles classic:

And another made this odd observation.

Everywhere? Well, not quite. There are still those national security briefings he never seems to have time for.


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