Professor: White people still breed special dogs to kill black people

A California university professor believes that to this day, whites breed and train dogs for the express purpose of attacking and killing blacks.

California State University at Fullerton African American Studies Professor Tyler D. Parry made this astonishing claim Tuesday during an event at the Fullerton Public Library.

“People of African descent were being placed lower on the scales of species than the dogs were,” Parry said, according to The Titan, the student newspaper.

Parry said that the practice has been going on for three centuries, and the Spanish were the first Europeans to bring dogs to the Americas to be used against indigenous people.

“Essentially, there was a circle and dogs that would be placed in the middle where they would then throw women, children and other men into the circle to fight the dogs to the death,” he told the gathering.

He said that the Cuban bloodhound was the result of interbreeding to develop a dog with greater strength, speed and stamina to hunt down escaped slaves in the Caribbean.

Parry added that Cuban bloodhounds were used from the Haitian Revolution to the Second Seminole War to hunt, torture and even kill slaves in an attempt “to help quell a rebellion against indigenous and black people who dared to go against U.S. imperial ambitions.”

Even though slavery was abolished after the Civil War, the practice of training dogs to hunt blacks continued in the South throughout the 50s and 60s by police departments, he claimed.

Parry added that the practice continues to this day, claiming that during the Ferguson protests following the shooting death of Michael Brown, young blacks were the only people attacked by police dogs.

“The placement above animals, above humans, particularly those of African descent, perhaps consciously or subconsciously, is still being manifested today,” Parry said.

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