ACLU mad at ‘redneck thug’ police captain for taunting vicious gang members – you’ll never believe why

To the surprise of few, the Louisiana Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union came to the defense of gang members wanted for murder, theft and other drug-related crimes.

The surprise was found in the ridiculousness of their argument.

In response to St. Landry Parish Sheriff Captain Clay Higgins producing a video taunting members of a street gang called the Gremlin Street Gang, who have allegedly been terrorizing the community, the local ACLU chapter released a statement calling his actions “wrong,” according to LawNewz.

The tough-talking captain called the gang members “animals” and referred to one as an “uneducated 125 lb. punk.” He appealed to the community to “come forward with information about these heathens.”

“You will be hunted. You will be trapped,” Higgins said. “And if you raise your weapon to a man like me, we’ll return fire with superior fire.”

But that’s not what irked the civil liberties non-profit.

“[Higgins] refers to those he seeks to arrest as ‘heathens,'” the ACLU Louisiana chapter said in a statement. “‘Heathen’ is a religious term, and unless Mr. Higgins has specific information about the religious beliefs of those individuals, it is both inappropriate and incorrect.”

Apparently, it’s none of Higgins business if the thugs are indeed heathens.

“And even if it’s true that these individuals, or some of them, are religiously ‘heathen,’ that is of no consequence to their status as criminal suspects,” the statement continued.

“Unless Mr. Higgins believes that all law-abiding people share his personal religious faith – and if he does believe that, he should not be an officer of the law – to call someone a ‘heathen’ and equate that to ‘criminal’ is simply insulting, wrong, and potentially a violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

Higgins argued that they just don’t know him very well and challenged them to a debate — don’t hold your breath.

“Those guys at the ACLU, for them to accuse me of being some kind of redneck thug who has no concept of constitutional rights, they just haven’t researched me,” he told the Acadiana Advocate.

Tom Tillison


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