Your job stressing you out? Check out top 24 least stressful, highest paying careers

Is your job too stressful?

Take a hint from the popular geek-science TV hit “The Big Bang Theory.” Apparently, mathematicians and scientists have it made when it comes to occupations.

A report published by Business Insider compiled a list of the least stressful/highest paid careers available in the U.S.. If you are looking for a stress-free work environment, check out the top 24 careers to pursue.

Positions raking in the highest wages and lowest stress levels are those that deal with numbers, equations, and systematic study — or mathematicians, scientists, and engineers.

Here are the top 5 positions in order of low to high stress:

1. Materials Scientists: Stress Level – 53.0, Annual Salary (2014)—$94,350

2. Mathematicians: Stress Level – 57.2, Annual Salary (2014)—$104,350

3. Geographers: Stress Level – 58.0, Annual Salary (2014)—$75,610

4. Economists: Stress Level – 58.7, Annual Salary (2014)—$105,290

5. Statisticians: Stress Level – 59.0, Annual Salary (2014)—$84,010

See the rest of Business Insider’s list, which has 24 total occupations, here.


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