Man burns 8-month-pregnant girlfriend alive to avoid fatherhood . . . why did this animal get only 14 years?

A judge in Germany sentenced a man desperate for “a free, happy life” to 14 years in prison for burning his eight months pregnant girlfriend alive.

Which makes one wonder what in God’s name a person would have to do to get a tough sentence in Germany.

The Daily Mirror said Eren Toben and a friend lured his young 19-year-old girlfriend, Maria Peiner, into the woods on the outskirts of Berlin.

The New York Post picks the story up from there:

The expectant mom, who was eight months pregnant at the time, believed Toben wanted to go shopping for baby clothes.

A court heard that once there, Toben hit Peiner over the head with a piece of wood, stabbed her with a bread knife and then poured gasoline over her and set her alight.

The following day, her body was discovered by a walker and the two men were soon arrested and blamed each other for the crime.

Toben’s fingerprints were on the handle of the knife that was found near her charred remains.


Judge Regina Alex said Peiner “was still conscious, it could have been 10, 20, 30 seconds — she was still moving” when she was set ablaze by the animals.

Yet, she sentenced the men to ONLY 14 years behind bars.

“For him the crime was a solution, he wanted a free, happy life which he had control over,” Alex said.

And with a little good behavior, he’ll have just that in a few short years. As for Maria Peiner and her unborn child, they’ll never get the opportunity.

Tom Tillison


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