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Hillary’s latest bombshell email has author Brad Thor furious, demanding apology

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Among the 29 classified emails that the State Department most recently released to Congress was a chain of messages that referred to an Afghan citizen who was on the CIA’s payroll, Fox News learned Wednesday.

All of the emails were routed through the then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s non-secure private server.

Watch Fox News’ Chief Intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge’s report via Fox News.

Novelist Brad Thor was outraged enough to comment, as were many other social media users: 

“Wow!” is the ultimate of understatements. What are the odds that an Afghan national is still walking about freely — if not dead.

The news of Clinton’s cavalier attitude toward her handling of secure communications just keeps getting worse. And folks keep coming up with options of what to do with the former secretary.

Meanwhile, Clinton continues to run her campaign as though nothing is happening.

Why is Fox News apparently the only media outlet that’s continuing to report the scandal? Where are the mainstream media on this?


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