‘This is for Malcolm X, cracka’; Hate Crimes Task Force of NYCPD on lookout after second anti-white attack

The Hate Crimes Task Force of the New York City Police Department is investigating two attacks that happened this week, perpetrated by a black man against white victims. In each instance, the attacker called the victim “Cracka’.”

On Monday evening, a black man ran up to the 51-year-old white victim and knocked him over, saying “This is for Malcolm X, Cracka’,” according to the New York Daily News.

“I came forward to police because I don’t want this to happen to anybody else,” the victim, who requested anonymity, told the newspaper. “I’m afraid of the guy knowing where I live and having my windows broken in.”

Police said the same person may have beaten another victim, Randy Aveille, also in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn less than two miles away on the previous night.

Aveille was attacked in the Church Ave. station shortly after he and his fiancé got off the train.

“Cracka, you don’t belong here,” his assailant said after sucker punching him and then walking off.

Police released this security footage of Aveille’s attacker hoping someone can identify him.

Is there a connection between the Brooklyn “cracka’” attacks and Beyonce’s Super Bowl tribute to Black Lives Matter, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers?

Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs sure thought so. He tweeted:

And there were plenty in agreement with Dobbs.


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