Intense trailer: 6 regular people go undercover for 60 days in prison

In a new A&E show called “60 Days In” set to air next month, non criminal citizens enter a prison to reveal what really goes on behind bars and barbed wire.

Agreeing to keep their volunteers’ true identities hidden from probation officers and ‘real inmates’ at the Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville, Indiana, the show’s producer and Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel agreed that the undertaking was well worth it, the Daily Mail reported.

Six of seven civilians entered the jail and remained throughout the entire 60 day ‘sentence,’ except for one who left after being punched in the face by an inmate.

Each volunteer had their reasons for agreeing to do the show: one wanted to see what his brother was going through in prison; another, who is a teacher, wanted to be able to teach to his students where bad behavior leads — and it’s not glamorous.

Sheriff Noel had an entirely different agenda for agreeing to the stunt. He wanted to figure out why drugs were so accessible within the prison, among other things. Apparently, his planted faux inmates provided a host of information to the sheriff and his team.

“We learned stuff that the most experienced corrections officer we had never knew was going on,” Noel said.

One such enlightenment was how contraband weapons are made.

While the show was not entirely for undercover work, it is hoped that it will act as a strong deterrent for would-be criminals.

“Normal people that have never gotten in trouble before are going to be blown away by what goes on in a jail,” Noel said. “I hope it is a real deterrent for them.”

Watch the intense trailer for the show below.


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