Air Force vet makes GOP candidate pledge never to pardon Hillary

At a Bedford, New Hampshire, campaign event, an Air Force vet promised he’d cast his vote for Sen. Marco Rubio — but only if Rubio promised something in return.

If elected, he can’t pardon former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the event her email scandal leads to an indictment.

“I think that’s actually her plan,” Rubio joked, “to pardon herself.”

CNBC and New York Times reporter John Harwood tweeted:

And the crowd enthusiastically agreed:

Following what many considered a disappointing showing by Rubio the night before at the debate, NBC News correspondent Gabe Gutierrez observed that the Bedford event was well-attended.

Here’s the entire event via C-SPAN. The retired vet asked his question at about the 32:20 mark.


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