White House reminds Americans what Super Bowl’s all about . . . Barack Obama

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and the White House took to social media to remind America that the game is all about… well, Barack Obama.

As millions get ready to watch the big game, a photo of President Obama throwing a football was posted on Twitter, along with the caption: “Game day. .”

Which follows a long-standing tradition of this administration marking holidays and other special occasions with photos of Obama.

The reaction on social media zeroed in on the perceived weakness this president projects in the eyes of many, though the best response may be from user Lisa Harrison, who said: “Now THAT’S a trophy winner for participation right there folks.”

If progressives had their way, the NFL season would end with the distribution of participation trophies to all teams instead of the Super Bowl.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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