Voicemails allege Cruz campaign coached Iowa precinct captain; don’t ‘waste vote on Carson’

According to two voicemail messages to an Iowa precinct captain working on behalf of Sen. Ted Cruz, the Cruz presidential campaign reported that Dr. Ben Carson was suspending his presidential bid.

The calls came after Carson confirmed that he was still very much in the race, according to Breitbart News, which exclusively obtained the recorded messages.

Each message advised the Cruz precinct captain to tell voters that they shouldn’t “waste a vote on Ben Carson and vote for Ted Cruz” instead.

Cruz precinct captain Nancy Bliesman, working at a precinct in Crawford county, Iowa, said she received the calls at 7:07 p.m. and 7:29 p.m. Central Standard Time on the night of the caucus.

The first caller, calling from a number in Galveston, Texas, said:

[inaudible]…from the Ted Cruz campaign, calling to get to a precinct captain, and it has just been announced that Ben Carson is taking a leave of absence from the campaign trail, so it is very important that you tell any Ben Carson voters that for tonight, uh, that they not waste a vote on Ben Carson, and vote for Ted Cruz. He is taking a leave of absence from his campaign. All right? Thank you. Bye.


Here’s the recording via Breitbart News:

The second call came from an Iowa Cruz campaign hotline, where the caller said:

Hello, this is the Cruz campaign with breaking news: Dr. Ben Carson will be [garbled] suspending campaigning following tonight’s caucuses. Please inform any Carson caucus goers of this news and urge them to caucus for Ted instead. Thank you. Good night.


Here’s the recording:


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