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CNN gets hot scolding for false rumor about Carson dropping out

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Bill O’Reilly gave CNN a hot scolding on Wednesday.

In his “Talking Points Memo,” the Fox News host took CNN to task for hurting Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s campaign while the Iowa caucus was underway and for later trashing Sen. Ted Cruz.

O’Reilly said that CNN reporter Chris Moody tweeted out misleading information that Carson may be considering withdrawing from the race; information which was then picked up and relayed by the Cruz campaign.

It was also picked up and reported by CNN anchor Dana Bash.

“The state of American journalism is on the verge of collapse,” O’Reilly concluded. “Ideology has permeated hard news coverage and honest reporting is becoming almost scarce, especially in political circles.”

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin, meanwhile, lashed out at Cruz, claiming the controversy was all the fault of the Texas Republican.

Watch the clip via Fox News.


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