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‘The stupid burns my eyes’: Marie Harf blames math error for giving Iran $50 billion bonus

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Social media users are wondering if the Obama Administration is dishonest or incompetent.

The answer is “both,” and here is the latest proof.

Iran is claiming it has access to more money in the granted sanctions relief than was originally reported, and the State Department’s Marie Harf laid the blame on the Treasury Department for the “discrepancy.”

Harf was responding to the Wall Street Journal’s Jay Solomon who observed that there was a $50 billion difference in the funds Iran was supposed to get in the administration’s nuclear deal and what they are claiming to have.

Social media users recognized that a $50 billion margin of error is no small number, and being the result of a math error was hard to believe.

Harf’s “clarification” came under fire as social media users questioned the distinction she was making. David Rothkopf, CEO and Editor of Foreign Policy magazine, thought it was just “weird.”

Harf pressed on.

Twitter users summed it all up.




Frieda Powers


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