Watch Tantaros tear into National Review editor for minimizing Trump’s Iowa showing

Fox News “Outnumbered” co-host Andrea Tantaros took National Review editor Rich Lowry to task Tuesday for gloating over Sen. Ted Cruz’s Iowa caucus win while not giving Donald Trump credit for his own showing.

Ten days before the caucus, National Review printed a special edition of its magazine titled “Against Trump,” which ran a scathing editorial denouncing the real estate developer as a faux conservative, and invited nearly two dozen notable conservatives to contribute their own critical essays against him.

After Cruz became the clear winner, National Review tweeted:

At about the two-minute mark, Tantaros brought up the tweet and asked, “How can you just tweet out on National Review ‘You’re welcome’ and make that a win?” considering Trump’s success at the polls.

Lowry called it “an enormous win,” given that Cruz stuck to his conservative principles and opposed ethanol subsidies, which are hugely popular in Iowa.

“Donald Trump, by the way, pandered all he could on ethanol,” he said.

At about the five-minute mark, Fox Business Network reporter Sandra Smith asked Lowry if there was anything positive he could say about Trump’s performance.

“I give him credit for highlighting the issue of immigration. I give him credit for hitting a chord out there, especially with disaffected voters,” Lowry said.

“But he went to Iowa and he lost! And he was beaten fair and square by Ted Cruz. And if this thing would have gone one more day, Rubio probably would have clipped him. It’s because he skipped the Fox debate, he insulted one of the anchors.”

Tantaros shot back that a lot of conservatives are upset about the special National Review issue excoriating Trump.

“This is what I don’t understand,” Tantaros chimed in. “The party has shifted into a nationalist mode and the voters are angry and they’ve been discounted and insulted by your publication. It’s really, really rude… Tell me this logic. This is the logic I’m hearing from you. Third place is a win. Second place is a loss and first place is irrelevant?”

Fox Business co-anchor Melissa Francis thought that sadly, it all came down to money — both Cruz and Rubio heavily outspent Trump in Iowa.

Watch the exchange via Fox News.


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