Sight of Hillary throws Sanders supporters into rage; ‘she’s a liar!’ chants takeover headquarters

Hostility between the Sanders and Clinton camps reached a fever pitch Monday night when the former secretary of state’s appearance on TV prompted supporters of the Vermont senator to chant “She’s a liar!”

When Hillary Clinton first appeared on the TV screens at the Sanders Des Moines campaign headquarters, her words were initially drowned out by loud boos but quickly turned into cheers when the sound unexpectedly cut out, according to Politico.

When the sound returned, Clinton proclaimed victory in the Iowa caucus and described herself as “a progressive who gets things done.”

That prompted further boos, followed by chants that “She’s a liar!”

The chanting continued until the TV was changed to a different channel.

More than one observer questioned the wisdom behind Clinton declaring an early victory, beginning with MSNBC News political correspondent Steve Kornacki:

Mashable politics editor Juana Summers tweeted on the uproar and recounted her observations from the 2008 Democratic campaign.

Politico’s national political reporter Gabriel Debenedetti tweeted:

And they say there’s animosity among the Republican camps…

Here’s a video of the chant.


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