Instant government downsizing if Trump elected? Here’s how many fed workers claim they’ll quit

While every Republican presidential candidate says he’ll shrink the size of the federal government, there’s one who can make good on that promise from the first day he steps into office.

Twenty-five percent of federal employees say they’ll at least consider resigning if GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump is elected president.

The Hill reported:

About 14 percent of respondents — many of which are from government agencies’ top ranks — said they would definitely consider leaving, according to a poll conducted by the Government Business Council. Another 11 percent said they might consider leaving.


Overall, about six of 10 indicated that they would be “embarrassed” to work in a Trump administration.

As one might expect, the results differ between employees who consider themselves Republicans versus Democrats.

Forty-two percent of those workers who identify themselves as Democrats said they would consider leaving if the real estate developer is elected president, while only eight percent of Republican government employees would quit under those circumstances.

Folks on social media saw it all as a good thing.


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