Strangers form human chain to save trucker from plunging over cliff

human chain
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Motorists on a freezing-cold Pennsylvania highway exhibited what good Samaritans look like by ensuring the safe landing of a truck driver who was dangling over a cliff.

Taking out over half a mile of guardrail while littering the highway with debris, smoke, and gasoline, the semi then careened off of the slippery roadway due to heavy snowfall and ice before stopping — half on the road, half over the cliff.

Eyewitness Arlyn Satanek, who happened to be driving a truck on the same highway, said he was warned via radio that driving conditions were extremely dangerous. His fears were confirmed as he watched the the truck in front of him lose control and end up clinging to the side of the hillside.

Courageous Pennsylvanian motorists stopped to assist the driver teetering over the precipice by linking arm in arm, forming a human chain, in order to reach the driver’s cabby where he was trapped.

Satanek hails the rescuers who sprung into action.

“It was just like everyone knew in that moment we have to reach him, ‘Let’s lock into this and get this guy up.’ It was awesome,” Satanek told WTAE.

The driver was pulled to safety but did sustain some injuries from the wreck, however, he will live to see another day.

Watch the amazing clip from Fox and Friends.


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