Special forces, UFC fighter warned by FBI that ISIS made him a target; how he responded will make you cheer

Former Ranger of the United States Army Special Forces branch and UFC fighter Tim Kennedy yet again showed courage in the face of adversity with one simple comeback: “Let those cowards come.”

After receiving notice from the FBI that ISIS had put out multiple threats on his life, Kennedy responds in a blog post that he will not fear nor hide from them, and actually encouraged the terrorists to try and bring him down: “You want a fight? You don’t have what it takes to fight me. You don’t have the courage because you don’t even know what that word means.”

Continuing his fearless battle cry, he stated, “But if you do decide to send someone after me… then you can send whoever you want and however many of them you want. Just understand one very important thing. Don’t expect to get them back.”

With terrorism scratching at our backdoor and already inflicting horrendous evil worldwide, Kennedy’s comments about courage are both wise and encouraging.

“Your lily-levered threats are meaningless to me because you don’t have something we Americans call ‘courage.’ Courage means stepping up against strong people rather than just looking for ways to exploit easy targets. Courage means protecting those who can’t protect themselves instead of trampling on them. Courage means standing for principle. You are none of those things. And because of that you will always fail.”


But, ISIS remains a real threat. Having soldiers like Tim Kennedy to stand up to barbaric, relentless terrorists is empowering.

Sadly, poor, cowardice leadership keeps America and the world vulnerable to evil.

Read his whole response here.

H/T: Twitchy


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