Gowdy says ‘eye-opening’ findings in next report on Benghazi will ‘dwarf’ all else

Rep. Trey Gowdy, chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, announced that the public will find the committee’s forthcoming report both “eye-opening” and “surprising.”

Gowdy made this assessment on “The Hugh Hewitt show” Monday.

“Do you believe the question has been asked and answered adequately, yet, as to whether or not assets were proximate and available that night to come to the assistance to the people under attack in Benghazi?” the conservative talk radio host asked the South Carolina Republican.

“Hugh, I will tell you this. When we issue our report, and hopefully, it is coming sooner rather than later, I think that part of our investigation is going to be the most eye-opening, the most surprising, and frankly, will dwarf the other two tranches of Benghazi in terms of what we have been able to find,” Gowdy claimed.

“So you put your finger on a couple of the issues. Number one, how were the assets positioned? If they were not positioned in such a way as to respond to Libya, Tripoli or Benghazi within the time frame, why not, particularly on the anniversary of 9/11 with, frankly, with Cairo having just happened? Why would your assets not be moving after Cairo? But there’s a third part to this, which is if the President did say do everything you can, and Secretary Panetta communicated that order to his command staff, do everything you can, both of those communicates took place before 7PM Eastern time,” Gowdy said.

Gowdy emphasized the administration’s delayed response to the crisis.

“Why did the first wheel not take off for hours and hours and hours? That is the part that we are getting at, that I would submit to you the other committees did not,” the former prosecutor said. “And I think you’re going to be surprised at that part of our report.”

Listen to the interview via “The Hugh Hewitt Show.”


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