Trump presidency is a world without Netflix says distraught third-grader

So, now we’re supposed to take advice from third graders?

After an elementary school third grader wrote a letter attacking Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, assistant teacher Bayan Sabouri of Columbus, Ohio, shared it online.

The letter began as a take-off of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

“I have a dream that Donald Trump will not be president,” it stated, before criticizing Trump’s immigration position.

The fledgling wrote that if Trump were elected president, “all Asians, Africans and Mexicans have to go back to their country,” and reasoned that as “most engineers are Indian,” without them “their (sic) won’t be no tecnolegy (sic).”


The student took it further claiming that without technology, we wouldn’t have Netflix, and “without Netflix their’s (sic) no chill. Is that a world you want to live in – no!”

Sabouri posted a photo of the letter along with this statement: “You can’t argue with this kid’s reasoning against Trump’s immigration policy; nobody wants to live in a world without Netflix,” AOL News reported.

The only problem is that Trump never mentioned anything about sending Indian immigrants back to India. What he did said was that people who are here illegally should return to their country of origin and apply for legal immigration.

He mentioned Latin America and China — not India.

It’s safe to say which side of the aisle America’s educators lean. Just a few days ago, an 11-year-old student called popular talk radio host Rush Limbaugh to complain that his teacher had criticized him for supporting the billionaire real estate developer.


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