Former double agent: It’s ‘mind-blowing’ how Hillary played Russian roulette with CIA lives

A former double agent said if he had known how carelessly highly classified intelligence was treated by U.S. officials while he was with the CIA, he would not have been working with them.

Morten Storm, a former CIA double agent who infiltrated Al Qaeda, spoke with Megyn Kelly on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” on Thursday about the latest developments in the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Storm said Clinton “played Russian roulette” with the lives of American spies, as it was revealed that “human source information” may have been in the emails then-Secretary of State Clinton shared.

“It is so destructive, what she has done, for the future of the American intelligence and the sources of human intel outside, on the frontline,” Storm said. “People who get exposed, even by mistake, they die.”

If Storm’s information had been exposed, or “if there was any suspicion about me and my work with the intelligence services,” he said, “I would have been killed.”

He noted that even simple suspicions endanger the lives of intelligence agents. “On suspicion, they will send you to the front line and they will test you in a very horrific way, and there’s big chances for you to be killed,” he said.

The possibility of personal information being leaked through the Clinton emails in question could be disastrous for agents in the field. “If information is leaked to the wrong people, people come across their emails… that is a death sentence,” Storm said, adding that it is “mind-blowing” that Clinton has shown no remorse for risking others’ lives.

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