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Disillusioned Michael Moore can’t believe Obama dissed hometown in crisis

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Michael Moore was busy stalking President Obama’s whereabouts Wednesday since his hometown of Flint, Michigan, is undergoing a major crisis surrounding lead-contaminated water.

Comparing Obama to George Bush, who presumably flew over New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, Moore sent Obama a message:

Obama was visiting Detroit when he apparently overlooked stopping in nearby Flint to take a tour — or provide a photo-op for attention-seeking Moore.

Hours later, when reality set in, Moore, apparently feeling dissed and dismayed, vented his frustration on Twitter.

You can almost hear the violins playing in the background.

While Moore felt sorry for himself, others, with more grounded perspectives, offered some harsh lessons of reality. (Warning for strong language.)

There was also a healthy dose of Obama supporters who blasted Moore for the tweet; either way, the mega-liberal couldn’t win:



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