Prominent New Yorker comes out swinging in defense of Cruz, explains ‘NY values’

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz got some support from an unexpected source on Monday.

Cruz faced a load of backlash for his comment last week about “New York values,” angering both liberals and New Yorkers, while giving rival Donald Trump a media-frenzy platform to capitalize on.

Surprisingly, former governor of New York George Pataki came to the defense of the Texas senator. Pataki, who until recently was competing against Cruz in the GOP race, posted a message on Twitter clarifying the senator’s comments.

“Any suggestion @tedcruz was referring to 9/11 is absurd – he was obviously referring to the liberal values of NY politicians,” the tweet said.

The post was met with applause and gratitude from many social media users.

Some Twitter users did not agree with, nor even understand, Pataki’s comment.

Ultimately, it was a thumbs-up for the former NY governor.


(H/T: Twitchy)

Frieda Powers


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