Heineken’s attempt to empower women fails; receives scorn for this ‘patronizing’ ad

Heineken’s new ‘Moderate Drinkers Wanted’ ad campaign promoting responsible drinking practices backfired as social media users scorn the beer company’s approach.

In the new ad, women are portrayed as bar-crawling heroines seeking a non-obliterated ‘hero’ as they sing Bonnie Tyler’s tune ‘I Need a Hero’ throughout the sketch.

The irony lies in the fact that the global campaign aimed to “empower women” and to use them as “ambassador’s or influencers” in the fight against excessive drinking, said Heineken’s communications manager Agnieszka Gorecki, yet social media users felt the ad patronized and snubbed women, reports The Drum.

Apparently, men aren’t the only ones who need to control their drinking habits.

The campaign was a response to a generalized push from governments worldwide to tackle the issue of binge drinking that has supposedly swept the social scene on a global scale. Campaigns such as this are meant to promote “prosocial behavior” and to address the issue before government imposes regulations on the industry:

In the west and even more so in Eastern Europe and in Indonesia there has been a shift from the number of governments and organisations pushing more and more towards the direction of strict regulation when it comes to alcoholic drinks,” said Euromonitor analyst Spiros Malandrakas. “So essentially proving that they [brands] can do that themselves without an external force forcing them to do that – essentially being self-regulated –  and promoting this moderation on their own will allow them to escape the clutches of governments and health regulators pushing for much stricter legislation.

It appears Heineken’s preemptive effort at political correctness wasn’t politically correct enough.



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