New emails reveal Clinton aides resisted suggestions Hillary use official account

A recent report by the Daily Caller showed that not only were Hillary Clinton’s top aides aware of her using a private email server for official White House matters, but that “top State Department officials were aware of Clinton’s private email server arrangement.”

This is the first time that a survey of Clinton’s emails revealed that people within and above her office as secretary of state knew of her side-stepping the rules by using a private server instead of the state’s official one,, the Daily Caller reports.

The emails prove that administrators knew of Clinton’s extralegal activities — and did nothing about it. The email exchange is between a State Department official who made a suggestion to one of Clinton’s aides “that the then-secretary of state begin using a government email account to protect against unexpected outages of her private email server,” which is when the aide “pushed back” against the suggestion.

It is safe to assume that the recommendation went unheeded by the then-secretary of state and her assistants.

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