Dems declare ‘Bernie mopped the floor with Hillary’; see her most ironic line in debate

The gloves came off of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at Sunday night’s debate; and his performance perfectly matched the surge in his poll numbers at the South Carolina event.

The audience heard no more about “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails,” like he told front-runner Hillary Clinton at the October debate.

For those who like numbers, ABC political director and number-cruncher Rick Klein kept score. After the dust settled, he tweeted:

Not even close, which has to be an ego-deflater to the former secretary of state.

The New York Post reported:

Hillary Clinton’s goal was clear — to make the point that she’s the serious and sober candidate and Bernie Sanders is a pie-in-the-sky fantasist. Indeed, Sanders more than once said he wanted “revolutionary change.”


Of particular concern for the Clinton clan is her past — especially when it comes to the ongoing FBI criminal investigation into her emails — since the search has expanded to include questionable Clinton Foundation donations.

“No individual is too big to jail,” she admitted.

One observer tweeted in glee:

The Post reported another odd moment:

She also had a genuinely creepy, Michael-Corleone-in-“Godfather 2” moment when she basically said “we’re both part of the same hypocrisy” after the third man in the debate, Martin O’Malley, criticized her for raising money on Wall Street.


Here’s a refresher on that one:

The results were overwhelming in favor of the independent senator from Vermont, who describes himself as a Democratic socialist.

Sunday marked the fourth Democratic debate and the final one before the Iowa caucus.


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