‘Recovering Dem’ puts marriage on the line: ‘If he don’t vote for Trump, we’re getting a divorce’

An Atlanta Democrat announced in a YouTube video that she’s crossing party lines and will be voting for Republican presidential contender Donald Trump.

“Trump gives me real hope and change, not fake hope and change,” she said, referring to President Obama’s campaign slogan during his 2008 run for the White House.

She said that she’s casting her vote for Trump because she believes in America, something she never thought she’d be saying.

“I’m a Democrat,” she said. “Democrats don’t speak about the country.”

But she said she’s now “waking up” because she feels that “our country is going to hell.”

She listed high unemployment in the black community and the problems created by open borders.

The interviewer jokingly referred to herself as “a recovering Democrat” and “Demoholic” as well, prompting a smile from the recent convert.

“Democrats are crazy!” she said, adding that her husband supports Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont Independent and self-described Democratic socialist.

“I told him if he don’t vote for Trump, we’re getting a divorce.”

Watch the clip.


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