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Police nab suspects in playground murder: ‘NO ONE is in country legally’

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Political elites continue to spew their dangerous open-border ideology despite the fact that crimes are being committed by illegals right under their haughty noses.

As President Obama addressed the nation in his last SOTU speech Tuesday, touting his brand of open-border immigration reform, police in nearby Alexandria, Virginia, were investigating the murder of 24-year-old Jose Luis Ferman Perez.

Perez’s body was found in a park Monday morning, and when Washington D.C. investigative reporter Emily Miller arrived on the scene, she got some daunting and familiar information from police: none of the suspects in custody for the murder were legal citizens.

Police told Miller that activity from members of the particularly brutal MS-13 gang, imported from Mexico via the southern U.S. border, has been on the rise.

The fact that none of the alleged killers were legal citizens comes as no surprise.

Later, the police clarified the statment about MS-13.

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