NRA’s LaPierre challenges Obama to duel: ‘No pre-screened questions, no gasbag answers’

The NRA challenged Obama to a duel.

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre has had it with President Obama’s rhetoric over guns and has challenged him to a nationally-televised debate: The NRA’s facts versus the president’s hyperbole.

LaPierre noted in a new NRA video that Americans have grown increasingly fearful that their Second Amendment rights may be taken away from them in the future.

In the last seven years, “the president has laid waste to the America we remember,” he said.

“In the fog of vague rules and mysterious definitions, honest Americans are made vulnerable” by the president’s circumvention of Congress through executive actions.

“When the law is a mystery, all that is left is fear,” LaPierre said.

Then he used the “L-word.”

“The American people know a liar when they see one,” LaPierre said, who showed several examples that have led to public distrust of the White House.

Then he issued his challenge.

“I’ll meet you for a one-on-one, one-hour debate, with a mutually agreed upon moderator on any network that will take it,” LaPierre challenged. “No pre-screened questions, and no gasbag answers.”

The result? “Americans will judge for themselves who they trust and believe on this issue.”

Watch the video via the NRA.

When words got out, social media reacted.

And then there was this:

They’re probably right — the president won’t accept. But it would make for great television.


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