Hillary’s Lifetime interview mainstream media doesn’t want you to see; ‘disturbingly gross’

Lifetime network aired one of the most pandering interviews of Hillary Clinton’s long political career on Thursday night and it brought in green-lips GloZell to help.

YouTube personality GloZell Green, who’s famous for crazy antics like bathing in cereal and flipping cups using her behind, rocketed to fame when she scored an interview with President Obama one year ago.

Keeping with tradition, GloZell had the honor of questioning the leading Democrat presidential hopeful for the Lifetime channel in 2016. And it’s a good thing because the green-lipped reality star was able to uncover a little-known fact about Hillary.

“I heard that you’re not scared of hot peppers,” GloZell said.

All too eager to answer that softball, an unusually perky Hillary responded, “I’m not! I love, love hot peppers!”

The ladies on the Lifetime couch had a real hoot hearing about Hillary’s hankering for peppers, which she added “helps your immune system.”

The giggle fest made for a puke-worthy display, even for those who do happen to like hot peppers.

That’ll do it.


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