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Rob Lowe is one actor who fully appreciates the 2nd amendment

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Actor Rob Lowe appeared three years ago on CNN’s since-cancelled “Piers Morgan Live” to discuss something near and dear to the former host — stringent gun control, and the conversation is worth watching.

If he thought he would find a kindred spirit in Lowe, he was sadly mistaken.

Lowe told Morgan that firearms are a part of our nation’s foundation, its history and its Constitution.

“Look, I own guns,” the actor told Morgan, noting that he owns three hand guns — but not so called “assault weapons.”

Morgan said that when England experienced the Dunblaine shooting massacre in 1996, authorities removed all handguns and assault rifles from private citizens.

“If you were found with one, you were sent to jail,” he said. “But this word ‘confiscation’ causes mass terror in America.”

Lowe replied that emphasis should be placed on “mental health, parenting, personal responsibility” rather than on the guns, and also felt that some of the more violent video games tend to desensitize young people to violence.

Interview via CNN.


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