Photos show Hollywood gun-grabbing hypocrites with armed security at Golden Globes

Security at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton was ramped way up — to protect Hollywood’s elite of gun-grabbers.

Kind of ironic, isn’t it? Hypocritical may be more like it.

Los Angeles Times photojournalist Allen Schaben tweeted:

The irony wasn’t lost on anyone.

Case on point is anti-gunner Amy Schumer. She was there, along with Jennifer Lawrence, to present this year’s Best Motion Picture Comedy. However, a few days ago, she attended CNN’s invitation-only “town hall” hosted by President Obama. Afterwards she had this to say.

Schaben later tweeted:

Actually, I don’t believe those are “machine guns.” They look to be semi-automatic rifles, what the left likes to refer to as “assault rifles” because of their cosmetic additions.

And the snark continued:

Oh, and that message about “seven actions you can take” Schumer tweeted after the gun violence “town hall?” Don’t think she wasn’t called out on that one too, given her own film roles.

And as for Hollywood, with but a few exceptions, chances are they don’t even notice the hypocrisy.


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