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Rapidly growing ‘vigilante’ groups to patrol German streets; ‘protect our ladies’ future’

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In response to the new year’s attacks in Germany, a citizen protection group has sprung up with the intention of protecting its fellow citizens at major events.

Based in Dusseldorf, the city that neighbors the migrant sex attack capital of Cologne, the group known as “Dusseldorf is Watching” has already garnered thousands of members since its launch earlier this week, reported Breitbart. Dusseldorf is the first German city to have such a group since the apparently coordinated attack in Cologne in which over 1,000 migrants reportedly launched fireworks into crowds, then sexually assaulted dozens of women.

The group’s intention is to “protect our ladies future” and be “present and attentive” at major public events and on weekend evenings. Its founder insists the group, declaring “one for all, and all for one,” is not about violence or vigilante justice, according to Breitbart.

But the group has already come under fire by the press, which has called them “absurd”  and called them out for allowing members of biker gangs.

Dusseldorf police have said they are against  “self proclaimed vigilantes,” though they have no problems with individuals who need to act when confronted by crime. A police spokesman said  “for public security in Germany the police are responsible… deliberately searching for offenders is not a job for the citizen,” reported Breitbart.

Meanwhile in neighboring Cologne, the scene of the attacks, no such group has yet emerged. The pro-migrant mayor of that city, Henriette Reker, was lambasted for advising women to keep men “at arm’s length” in an effort to protect themselves.

Frieda Powers


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