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Accusations fly as Trump, O’Reilly face-off

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Trump and O'ReillyDonald Trump is making no apologies for his behavior during Tuesday’s night Republican presidential debate.

At one point, Trump made it personal with Jeb Bush, rubbing his fellow candidate’s nose in sinking poll numbers and referred to his “low energy.”

Trump says, he doesn’t like having to do it, but Bush had it coming.

“He’s a very low energy person. I said that.” I didn’t start it with Jeb Bush last night, I didn’t start it. He comes out of nowhere…”

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly interrupted, accusing Trump of being too thin-skinned.

Trump denied O’Reilly’s assertion vehemently, and said he only gets angry when people say “untrue” things about him.

Trump maintained debate moderators stacked the deck against him with targeted questions.

As far as who’s Trump’s biggest competition in the fight to become the Republican nominee? Trump would only refer to his soaring poll numbers.

“In one of the polls I’m 41 to 14,” he said referring to the later being Ted Cruz. “I’m winning by 27 point, 27 points! Do you believe that folks?” he rhetorically asked a cheering crowd.

O’Reilly accused Trump of dodging the question.

“I don’t want to say who it is… if I thought I really had major competition, I wouldn’t be telling you about it Bill.

“I’m not like President Obama, who he tells everybody everything, including the enemy, and then the enemy knows exactly how to beat us.”

Trump ended the interview in his signature style. “Merry Christmas!” he unabashedly said.

“We’ll bring back the words, ‘Merry Christmas’ again Bill.”


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