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Rep Steve King releases scathing rebuttal and warning on Trump’s deal with Dems: ‘The base WILL leave him’

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Iowa Congressmen Steve King is ticked.

President Donald Trump sent shock waves through social and mainstream media Thursday when news broke that he could be teaming up with Democrats to protect illegal immigrant DREAMers.

In a scathing rebuttal, King released a statement threatening that if Trump goes through with any form of amnesty deal, he will lose his base – forever.

“The base will leave him — they can’t support him anymore.

I am talking about my constituents in Iowa that will say you need to be behind Trump. I am. I support his entire agenda… I support the agenda Trump had when he went into office and I support almost every piece of the agenda — except the amnesty piece being dangled, and that’s so destructive to a first world country. If you do not have the rule of law or respect for that law, the people writing the immigration laws are the people breaking them. We had a protest here, DREAMers coming up demanding we give them amnesty. What right do law breakers have to make demands from the citizens of the United States of America. If anything, they should be pleading for it and not demanding.”


King is not the only one upset about the deal supposedly made with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and Trump has been pounded all day by many in his base.

But, after a meeting with the two Dems Wednesday night, Trump tweeted early Thursday:



And then there’s the wrath of Ann Coulter …


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