Struggling African nations to sue ‘wealthy’ countries over global warming

This surely can’t be good news for American taxpayers if “leadership” isn’t changed – and fast.

Plagued with drought and famine, African nations are demanding “wealthy” countries pay compensation for the damage being done to their environment through global warming.

Just as world leaders finish exuding enormous amounts carbon emissions to lament the effects of “climate change” in Paris, came the announcement that they might be facing a giant lawsuit.

“The cries of the people of Africa impacted by climate change are growing louder and louder as they are losing the farmlands and animals they rely on for their livelihoods to floods and droughts,” Mithika Mwenda, secretary general of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), told The UK Independent.

“The industrialized world has become wealthy by polluting the atmosphere and now our rivers are running dry and our crops are turning to dust. It is therefore essential that loss and damage is well addressed in the Paris agreement,” added Mwenda.

The Independent reported:

Compensation should cover everything from storm damage and crop failure to desertification and forest degradation, the African nations say.

The funds should also help meet the cost of the mass migration that is inevitable as huge areas become uninhabitable, as well as the rise in diseases such as malaria.


It’s unknown if the African nations know that most of the “rich” industrialized countries don’t have any money either.


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