Fiorina connects with RedState crowd: ‘Three standing ovations in 12 minutes’


Carly Fiorina is enjoying a two-day winning streak after slamming back-to-back home runs.

Just a day after standing out at the first GOP debate, where many pundits declared her the winner, Fiorina connected with the audience at the RedState Gathering in Atlanta on Friday, receiving three standing ovations in a 12-minute speech.

Joining the parade of A-list candidates speaking at the conference, Fiorina reserved most of her half-hour slot to take questions from the standing-room-only crowd.  The audience gave her a decidedly warm welcome.

Fiorina received her biggest ovation when she called Hillary Clinton a liar.

Audiences — and pundits — clearly like her message and her style.

Some are even predicting that dark-horse Fiorina could become a force in this election.

Watch the video of Fiorina’s speech below:


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