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OOPS! Hilarious viral video spoofed major news, FOOLED big-name news outlets

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vid 1Having a robust sense of humor is one attribute thought to unite Brits and Americans.

And sharing the love for laughter could be the reason why a scene showing two magicians videobombing a supposedly unknowing Sky News reporter during a “live broadcast” in Westminster, England, went viral.

The video shows two magicians moving in – with props – behind reporter Ashish Joshi, to perform a full-on stunt.

Only, according to the Guardian on Friday, the whole act was staged:

Acting independently of his employers, Joshi allowed the magicians to film the stunt outside parliament. Graphics closely mirroring the channel’s text and branding were added afterwards.


The magicians, dubbed “Young & Strange,” definitely pulled off a good one on news outlets like Huffington Post, Sun Nation and the Metro that ran with the viral video right away.

HuffPo updated its story on Friday to include that the stunt was all a ruse.

Hoax or not, the video is still entertaining a lot of people, and no doubt, is good for Strange & Young’s business.

As for Joshi’s job being in jeopardy? That doesn’t seem to be a problem, as he tweeted kudos for the video he helped to create.

Joshi’s boss must have a great sense of humor, too!

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